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 Consulting Services for building owners, architects and engineers

[research, calculations, design details, complete construction documents]

  • Solar energy use: passive and active systems for residential space heating, hot water and cooking
  • Solar electricity systems
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Composting toilets and alternative wastewater treatment solutions
  • Green building materials and techniques
  • Site planning for energy and water conserving microclimates

A whole system approach encourages intelligent design solutions which are environmentally sound and which approach sustainability

[click here to see some client homes]
Visit all of our solar projects described on Google Earth at THIS LINK

sustainable planning 

 Community Planning Consulting

  • Design Charrettes and workshops management
  • Multi-disciplinary planning for creating a nourishing people friendly village atmosphere
  • Solutions focusing on moving people, not the car
  • Land use planning with respect for the existing environment, ecology and climate.
  • Research to guide and strengthen your own planning activities

Community health depends on the health and diversity of its environment. Quality of life is superb when the architecture of a community strengthens human interaction and minimizes outflows

(Outflow examples: wastewater treated but then dispersed downstream, therefore lost to the village; external utilities exporting funds from community members)


Educational Opportunities

Courses include green building materials, solar hot water, and more.

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