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Solar House 070801a

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Solar House Interior 070801

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HOUSE 070801 on Google Earth Map

Exemplifies our design philosophy for our clients' homes

Solar Features:

  • Passive Solar Heating via south thermopanes, clerestories and Trombe walls
  • Passive "Batch" Solar hot water
  • Active Solar Radiant Floor via DC pump powered directly by PV
  • Small stand alone 12VDC PV system for all water pumping and some outlets and lights, all outdoor lights 12VDC solar powered

Beyond Solar - the "GREEN" features:

  • Super insulation and interior thermal mass[home uses less than a half cord of wood for backup, and a total of 100 gallons of propane for cooking and backup hot water]
  • Rainwater catchment system for all water needs [no well or municipal water]
  • Composting toilets, low water use fixtures
  • Regional and natural or recycled content building materials throughout [timbers and ceilings harvested within 50 miles, adobe mud plaster,
    recycled cedar, redwood, some windows and doors]
  • Citrus based oil sealers or water based sealers
  • 12VDC lighting, fluorescent and halogen AC lighting; no microwave, no DW

Land Use

  • North, East and West sides are bermed into the natural southslope terrain
  • Most of the house materials were hand brought in to minimize compaction and natural vegetation on site